We currently have three versions of a postcard for you to send: the Death Panels postcard, a bold-colored “KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF” postcard and the ink-saver version. We will be creating more versions over time, so come back often. We have provided pre-addressed postcards for every Senator in the country (except the few who were recently elected and don’t have assigned addresses yet). Find your Senator, print a stack for yourself, your friends and your family, then let our representatives know how you feel about plans to slash benefits for Social Security, privatize Medicare and repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Also, join our Facebook group to keep up to date on our phone-in campaign and future campaigns to give ’em hell at townhalls.

Thank you for joining our fight to save the Social Safety Net that we all depend on at some point in our lives. Together, we can make our representatives regret ever grabbing the Third Rail.